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My resume as an teacher/organizer/performer/dancer is occasionally brought up to date.

Resume (updated 2010-03-06)

ancient history?

My previous record of dates and significant dance events in my life.

(in mostly chronological order):

1996/11/08	Started dancing

Founding member of the Jumpin' JiveCats dance troup in Colorado:
  1998/02/20 - Ran/performed at CSU Swing Night - 500 attendees
  1998/02/21 - Performed @ Starlight Ballroom w/ Hot Tomatoes
  1998/03/?? - Performed @ Women's Aviation Conference
  1998/04/17 - Performed for Frankie Manning @ Frankie Workshop
  Taught privates and group lessons in Colorado
  Ran the CSU Swing Kids web page/calendar

1998/02?	Front page of newspapers The Edge and FriDay (Colorado)

Has appeared on network TV, and on local TV in San Francisco.

Has taken privates with Steven Mitchell, Peter Strom, Ulrika and Beni
of the Rhythm Hot Shots, Catrine Ljungren of the RHS, Sing Lim, and 
Chad Kubo (SF) amongst many others.

Has also studied with Ryan Francois, Rob van Haaren & Diane Thomas, 
Josie Say, Frankie Manning and Erik and Sylvia ('98 Amer Lindy Hop 
Champion - Hollywood Style), David Dalmo, Kenneth and Helena, etc..

Danced in the corporate video for the Steve Goode band.

Was a member of the SwingCats, Rob van Haaren's dance troupe.

1998?       2nd place USO Dance North Bay (w/ Caroline?)

1998/09?/?  1st place (w/ Lara Venard) $250

1998/10/24	Dancer for ABC transition

1999/03/04  1st place, Opening night Mexicali Rose, Hayward CA, $200 (w/ Maggie Moon)

1999/03  Photos featured prominently in San Francisco Magazine article on swing.

1999/03/26  Taught Lindy weekend workshop in Iowa with Katie J.
(60+ people in foundations class, 30 in intermediate class).

1999/04/06  My favorite incident, though, was when I embarassed myself
completely by dancing with a friend at San Jose Stadium before a concert to
Choo Choo Ch'Boogie.  We realized we were being watched when the entire 
back of the stadium erupted in applause at the end of the song.  Yikes.

1999/05/08  Performed and helped choreograph a paired couples swing number
with Maggie, Claudine and Owen (to Slim Gaillard's '8, 9 and 10')

Was supposed to be in a swing scene in the Robin Williams movie _Bicentennial
Man_ but they wanted to cut my hair.  No sir.  Oh well.

2001/02/12  Dancing extra for corporate promotional video (filmed @ Broadway)
for the Grand Prix of Swing to be held in SF in 2002.  Video stars Kev/Mag
and Erik/Sylvia.

2002/02/26  First place in Jack&Jill prelims @ Broadway

2002/11/29  Once again, was offered a featured dancer role in the cheezy
"Swing, The Movie", but once again, hair cutting was required.

Feverishly dances 5-9 times a week in San Francisco.

-- missed some updates here.. --

2003/12/4-7	Organizer: SFLX event "The Weekend" as a 5 year anniversary of
  the first Lindy Exchange ever

2004/08/01?	Featured dancer role in "feature" film "It's All in a Nights Work"

2004/09/14	Assembled troupe and took second place in Kevin and Carla's
"You Got Swung" competition (troupe swing battle)

2004/09/23	Auditioned/joined Kevin & Carla's Three Minute Maniacs (till 2005/10/26)

2004/12/11	3MM Performance: Sac Convention Center [Teichert Const] (w/ Kat)
2004/12/18	3MM Performance: Lindybomb Union Square (w/ Stacie)
2004/12/31	3MM Performance: USS Hornet (w/ Stacie)
2005/06/18	3MM Performance: San Francisco Free Folk Festival (w/ Stacie)

2005/07/17	Taught stealing class Herräng (>100) w/ Jeremy, Heide, Jeanine
2005/07/27	Taught blues class Herräng w/ Karissa (Seattle)

2005/../..	Various times: Taught at Fri Nt Blues
2005/10/03	Taught junior high Lindy class (for Mihai's East Bay gig)

2005/10/09	BBtB Contest: 10th Strictly (vs 5 star couples), 8th Jack&Jill

2005/10/18	Corporate gig (Tyco) with Haley, SF City Hall

2006/01/06&12	Taught 920 intermediate Lindy w/ Heidi

2006/02/14	2nd place (w/ Haley) at Redwood City Swing.
	Got a 1st, two 2nds, 3rd, 4th and then 2 last places from the 2 non-Blues dancing judges.
	(Without them we would have had first)
	Also got into Diversity Jack&Jill finals.

2006/02/25	Strictly Blues Contest Finals (6th) w/Haley at Tangoed Up In Blues

2006/04/29	4th in Jack & Jill Blues Contest Finals at Cheap Thrills

2006/06/12	3rd in Jack & Jill Blues Contest at "Roots" opening night

2006/07/05	Taught blues class wk1 Herräng w/ Haley

2006/07/12	Taught blues class wk2 Herräng w/ Karissa (Seattle)

2007/03/02-4	Featured instructor: Enter The Blues (Atlanta)

2007/03/09	Organizer, Featured instructor: Blues Rising (San Francisco)

2007/07/24&31	Taught blues class wk4/5 Herräng w/ Haley

2007/12/27-31	Blues & Lindy instructor:  Lindy Focus VI (Asheville)

2008/01/25-26	Featured instructor: Enter The Blues (Atlanta)

2008/01/08	Burn Blue @ Waids (Seattle)

2008/02/10	1st in Jack & Jill Lindy Hop at Redwood City's "Rhythm Lounge"

2008/04/29	Ellington Hall Blues Workshop (Santa Rosa)

2008/07/15	Taught/performed Herräng Blues Night

2008/05/9-11	Cambridge Blues Workshop (Ursula)

2008/05/17-18	Strassbourg Lindy Workshop (Ursula)

2008/05/24-25	Zurich Blues Workshop (Ursula)

2008/05/31-06/01	Budapest Blues Workshop (Ursula)

2008/09/12-15	Co-organizer: SFLX'08: San Francisco Lindy Exchange 2008

2008/10/24-26	Instructor: Lindy On The Edge - Stavanger, Norway

2008/10/31-11/2	Instructor: Stir It! (Zurich)

2008/11/08-09  Instructor: Copenhagen, Denmark workshop

2009/..	Many instructor gigs

2009/07	Taught/performed Herräng Blues Night

2009/09/19	Opened The Rent Party weekly venue