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Organizer Testimonials

As an organizer I've hired Dave a number of times for a wide range of events. He is a favorite of the students, who appreciate his unique ability to blend the nitty-gritty "how-to's" of fundamentals and movement with knock-down, drag-out entertainment. He's an all-in kind of guy who brings it on every level, adding to any event in more ways than other instructors bother to contemplate.
- Michael Gamble, LindyFocus, EtB, iDance
I've never seen our scene so sad to see an instructor leave. Dave's warmth, humor, and involvement made him instant family. His depth of dance experience and understanding of student development made his classes easy to follow and valuable beyond belief. I never thought our dancers would get so far in two days.
I have never had a workshop in which I learned so many moves I could immediately add in my social dancing at the evening party as this one. For me this was one of the best workshops I've ever had.

As the organizers we told the teachers exactly what we wanted to learn and that's exactly what we got. We can really recommend these wonderful teachers to every other workshop!
- Coni Schollenberg, Biel Blues Workshop
After having Dave & Ursi teach .. at GNSH 2011, (UK) for the first time, a dancer lodged our a sincere complaint: 'Why haven't we had them at GNSH before?' Thanks for your classes on the weekend guys.

Student Testimonials

The most effective and most enjoyable workshop I have attended on ANY subject. Fresh and engaging over a whole day, it was a transformational learning experience. I will jump at any and every opportunity that I get to learn from Dave."
Which as gushing as it is, still doesn't cover how good Steve, Ben and I thought the workshop was.
- Tim Newman, Blues and Lindy Workshop in Leeds, UK
Dave is the perfect lindy hop and blues teacher. Engaged, warm, and insightful, he understands the core of these dances and delights in passing his expertise on to his students.
Thank you so much for your kick ass workshop this weekend. I learned so much and I can't wait for the opportunity to learn more from you both again...Thanks again for everything, this was by far the best dance workshop I've ever attended.
- Jared Grippe, Dave and Haley SLO Workshop
You are a one man blues assault team: instructor, performer, DJ, organizer, participant, and cliche-destroyer.
- Lowell Mitchell, Zurich Workshops
..quite possibly the best two days of learning Blues and Lindy I've ever had. You've reopened my eyes to how to dance.
- Ben Michaud, Blues and Lindy Workshop in Leeds, UK
9.50 ... was fun & entertaining   9.39 ... This instructor is a good overall teacher
9.14 ... This class was valuable overall   9.57 ... knew his/her material well
9.68 ... was friendly & welcoming
- Friday Night Blues Instructor Student Feedback
Your blues instruction has not only made blues make sense to me, but is also enjoyable.
- Jefferey Ziemba, Lindy Focus VI and VII
Dave and Ursi are wonderful teachers. Their love of dance is palpable and their teaching style is fun as well as informative. Their goal is to equip students with the building blocks of dance and they accomplish this not only with great expertise but also with flair and joy.
- Sara Azarmi, Stuttgart Blues, Germany
I loved the workshop. It was definitely one of my favorite events I've been to, mainly because of your positive energy in teaching as well as your approachability as dancers and people in general.
- Christine Moser, Dave and Haley SLO Workshop
It was our first time blues dancing, and we were totally blown away. We will be lobbying Simon to get you back for more follow up sessions! Thanks again for a brilliant, entertaining and inspiring five hours.
- Avye Leventis, London Blues Workshop 2010
You know how it goes, you do something for a long time and things don't really seem to progress. Then all of a sudden you come to an insight.....or things suddenly just start working for no apparent reason.
Well, tonight I just had a bit of a revelation concerning body leads and it had ALL to do with what you taught us these past couple days and the way you phrased it...
- Mattias Wrande, Uppsala Blues Workshop 2010
Dances with the teacher felt like lying on a field of flowers - swaying softly in the wind
- Stefanie W, Zurich Blues Workshop 2010
I know you are a great teacher! I noticed a big change in the leads- they were so much more relaxed and really dancing instead of counting beats and calculating their next move! Thank you for loosening up our men!!!
- Leanna P. Rozen, Tel Aviv Lindy/Blues 2010